Welcome to our website for the Sound of Science, a radio show featuring Western faculty and student researchers making groundbreaking discoveries in scientific research. Each show will explore an emerging issue in science from an interdisciplinary perspective by featuring leading experts in the field.

Our first episode features three professors from the Department of Psychology and the Brain and Mind Institute who will shed light on the wonders of the human brain. Learn more about how memory and emotions become blended in the brain, the bizarre qualities of how we attend to sounds in our environment, and how our brain solves simple and complex mathematical problems by listening to our podcast below. We will also be airing live at Radio Western 94.9 FM this Thursday (April 6) from 11am to noon!

We are so excited to be launching our show and we hope you can join us in our quest to better understand the world around us by hearing from Western University’s own academic leaders.

For more information on research happening at the Brain and Mind Institute, visit their website here. Thank you for featuring us on your news page!

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