Synthetic biology is a rapidly growing field of science that is uncovering more about the molecular processes that give rise to complex life. In fact, it has developed to the point where we talk about engineering life and how this affects our greater relationship with the world around us. It is with this thought that we begin our 4th episode of the Sound of Science, covering Western University’s symposium into the fascinating, yet uncertain, world of synthetic biology.

Hosted by Mike Ge.
Research review by Andrey Petropavloskiy.

In part one, conference organizers Dr. David Edgell and Dr. Bogumil Karas share their vision for synthetic biology and how Western is involved at the forefront of the field.

In part two, we speak to a visiting biology professor from the University of Waterloo, Dr. Trevor Charles. He presents his fascinating research about how bacteria can be engineered to turn methane into plastic.

In part three, we meet a Western alumnus who is turning synthetic biology discoveries into real businesses. Ihor Boszko speaks about speaks about his unique role at Ontario Genomics.

In part four, we ask the question, “How is Synthetic biology affecting our human identity?” Dr. Juan-Luis Suarez speaks on the moral and philosophical implications of synthetic biology.


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