SOS Ep6_1

What does competition look like in different disciplines? Is it a driving force for the better or worse? We feature four Western professors, each with their own unique research areas, to speak about this phenomenon with us in this two-part series.

Episode 6A features competition in evolution and the natural world, as well as in the economics underlying our modern society.

What role does competition play in evolution by natural selection? Dr. MacDougall-Shackleton shares some interesting phenomenon resulting from the types of competition in different ecosystems.

Economics professor Dr. Zheng joins us on the show to speak about his investigation into bidding behaviour and belief updating from the perspective of auction theory.

To listen to the full episode, as played on Radio Western 94.9 FM:

Hosted by Mike Ge, Maximillian Soltysiak, and Srobona Podder.

Research review by Andrey Petropavlovskiy and Srobona Podder.

SOS 6A Team

Thank you to Srobona Podder, a 2nd year Economics student, for helping our team with research, interviewing, and hosting this episode of Sound of Science. It was fascinating to hear your perspective on this topic!

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