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Competition is a characteristic that is common to many facets of our lives, and we have explored the role it plays in evolution by natural selection and economic auction theory in our last episode.

This time, we explored the idea of how the phenomenon of competition plays an important role in athletics between members of a team and also different teams. We joined Dr. Volker Nolte, an Assistant Professor in the School of Kinesiology and former head coach of Western Mustangs Men’s Rowing team. Here Dr. Nolte’s thoughts on the role of competition in his profession:

Hosted by Mike Ge and Rahul Sapra.

Research review by Andrey Petropavlovskiy.

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Thank you to Rahul Sapra, an HBA1 student at the Ivey School of Business, for his help with interviewing Dr. Nolte. Outside of his studies, he is a competitive rock climber on Team Canada who has won competitions at the national level. It was great to work with you this episode!

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