Philosophy can be a tool to address fundamental questions about knowledge, reason, and the mind. At the Rotman Institute of Philosophy at Western University, philosophers from a variety of backgrounds and educational levels come together to interact in a lab of ideas and contribute to a greater philosophical understanding of our world. This episode, we spoke with two professors who lead research in the area of philosophy of science.

We joined Dr. Michael Anderon first to hear about how psychology and computer science can give rise to the interesting philosophical issue of embodied cognition. His research shows that parts of the brain are used and re-used for different cognitive tasks, depending on the environment.

Next, we spoke with Dr. William Harper, a few doors down the hall at the Rotman Institute, to hear about Sir Isaac Newton’s unique method of scientific inquiry. He used this particular approach to discover his most famous gravitational and cosmological theories.

Or instead of listening to the two interviews separately, check out the link to our full episode [42 minutes] below:

Hosted by Mike Ge and Maximillian Soltysiak.

Research review by Andrey Petropavlovskiy.

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